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After you received your first 100 ETN on your electroneum App, upgrade your Feeder.etnads account from free to VIP for only 95 ETN - one time out of pocket and start earning. Once your purchase is complete and you are fully upgraded, you are placed in the next available spot under your Sponsor in a 4 x 2 Personal Forced Matrix. Now you are ready to start accumulating earned income as your Team grows.



4 x 2 Personal Forced Matrix Earning Plan

As Members join, they’re placed in their sponsor’s Direct Matrix. You will then be compensated based on successfully building your organization.

Your sponsor (or anyone else in your upline) may also place Members in your organization. As your organization begins to grow, you are entitled to Direct-Matrix Commissions based on the total sales generated on your 4x2 Direct Matrix Network. All levels have a percentage paid out based on the 95 ETN sale (See Comp Plan below).



When your matrix is completed, 1000 ETN will be used to upgrade your free account to VIP in and 380 ETN to upgrade 4 new accounts in the Feeder (under your sponsor).


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